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International Offer to 50 Countries
Posted by Etisalat Knowledge on 15 April 2014 07:30 AM

IDD 50


Etisalat provides the lowest tariffs to 50 International destinations Etisalat is the only company that has been providing the best international call rates to different destinations across the world.

Offer Scheme

Now any Etisalat subscribers can call  50 Countries around the world at below mentioned discounted call rates .In order to enjoy this offer customers must activate this offer .There are no charges for activation and  no other hidden charges are applied.

50 countries are divided into three zones and for each zone customers will be charged as follows:


Countries: India, USA, Canada, China, Mexico

Call Rate:    5.49 AFS/min


Countries: Germany, UK, Greece, Netherlands, Thailand, Sweden, France, Italy, Denmark, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Austria, Uzbekistan, Finland, Puerto Rico, Bahrain, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Spain, Dominican Republic, Portugal, & Belgium

Call Rate:    5.99 AFS/min


Countries: Egypt, Turkey, Sudan, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Australia, Norway, Turkmenistan, Nepal, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Japan, Saudi Arabia & Tajikistan & Russia

Call Rate:    9.49 AFS/min

What is Special with this offer?

This is a very attractive rate to call as many as 50 countries around the globe.

  • Affordable rate
  • No daily fees
  • No activation charges
  • No hidden charges

Activation Mechanism

  • SMS: Send 50  to 3378
  • Call 888 for activation
  • Visit any Etisalat shop

De-activation Mechanism

  • SMS: Send PU<space>50  to 3378
  • Call 888 for activation
  • Visit any Etisalat shop


There are no activation charges and no daily rental for this offer

Eligible Packages

This promotion is only eligible for EA Prepaid Customers

Billing Pulse

The international rates are charged at the standard per minute billing pulse.

Offer Rules

  1. This offer is for entire prepaid Consumer ( Elite, Josh, Mubarak and Mumtaz Packages)
  2. The offer is based on activation
  3. Single activation code is applicable to all the 3 zones. Once a user opts in for the offer then his rates for the entire 50 countries will change as per the above zones

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Special Rate for Special People Offer
Posted by Etisalat Knowledge on 20 February 2014 11:43 AM


This offer allows our customers to select two Etisalat numbers and call them for just 1.5 AFS/min and select one number from another network and call it for just 2.5 AFS/min anytime during the day or night.


It has no activation just in order to add numbers type A<Space> Number and send as SMS to 3378 or Dial 555 and follow theinstruction


In order to delete numbers type D<Space> Number and send as SMS to 3378 or Dial 555 and follow the instruction


This offer doesn’t have any rental or activation fee

Business Rules

The offer is available for all prepaid packages but enterprise and postpaid packages are not eligible

Customers can add 2 Etisalat numbers & call at 1.5 Afs/min, and a third number (either Etisalat or from another network) at 2.5 Afs/min

Adding numbers for the first time is free of charge but changing number will charge 15 Afs/change

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2 (Double SIM Package)
Posted by Etisalat Knowledge on 10 October 2013 04:09 PM

Double SIM Package


Etisalat Afghanistan has launched a new product by the name of 2.

2 is a double SIM package which includes two SIMs in one package and offers the lowest on-net calling rates between these two lines


  • Low SIM price
  • Lowest calling rate between two paired numbers
  • Free initial balance
  • No rental and hidden fee

Offer Summary

Product Name 2
Rental None
2 SIM Card Price 100 AFS
Initial Balance 600 Units (300 Units per each line can be used for On-net calls, SMS and data) Remember that each 10Units is equal to 1AFS
  Rate (Afs) Billing Pulse
On-net Between the two lines 1.5/ min 15 Sec
On-net peak (7AM to 10PM) 3 / min 15 Sec
On-net off-peak (10PM to 7AM) 2/ min 15 Sec
Off-net 3 / min 15 Sec
On-net 3 AFS/SMS
Off-net 3 AFS/SMS

Offer Rules

The two SIMs package will be Mumtaz

Other rates and charges are same as existing package Mumtaz

The offer will be applicable for new SIMs being provisioned

Adding or changing numbers from the CUG is not allowed


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Call Me Back Service
Posted by Etisalat Knowledge on 02 April 2013 09:48 AM


This offer allows etisalat customers to talk to their best friends while they are out of credit (To have their friends call them instead.)

The Call Me Back  service is an easy-to-use service that allows our customers to send a call back request to any Etisalat Afghanistan customer.

Call Me Back service is only available for etisalat customers with less than 10 Afs in their account, they can send up to three requests per day.

Sending and receiving of request is free.

How to use the Call Me Back service

Dial *126*your friend’s phone number#. For example, *126*0786786786#.

Your friend will receive an SMS including sender number requesting for a call back.

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Online Recharge
Posted by Etisalat Care on 09 January 2013 07:20 AM


Online recharge

Online recharge when abroad
Etisalat gives you the options of recharging real-time with our partners while roaming abroad.

This facility is available across all the major countries and you are alowd to recharge or transfer credit from ($5 - $100)

what you need to do is to simply visit the sales point in the country you are traveling and they will help you

recharge your credit immediately. 


You can recharge your own accounts or any other Etisalat customer accounts by any of the following methods:

I)             Etisalat Website

  1. Log on to
  2. Select the ezetop link

Payment for top up through internet can be done via credit or debit card


II)            At Ezetop sales points

Visit ezetop sales points.

Payment for top up can be done via cash, credit or debit card  


you can top up credit online on using Debit/credit cards, or you can purchase credit from

any Transferto sales points overseas. 

More magic

You can top up credit online on using Debit/credit cards, or you can purchase credit

from any More Magic sales points overseas.


Etisalat in partnership with Topup4you has gained the facility to enable anybody to recharge his/her own

or their friends and families prepaid and postpaid Etisalat Afghanistan lines while living or visiting abroad from

designated Top-up4 You outlets.

Topup4you has more than 10,000 outlets spread across Bangladesh, USA, Canada and UAE through which

credit can be purchased and added for Etisalat prepaid and postpaid lines in Afghanistan.

For more information, visit the partner website at
It is open for all, you just need a valid email address to have an account.

A mail will be sent to the email containing a link. You have to click that link to activate your account.

You can buy airtime using your credit card If you forget your PIN and Password you just have to send

us a mail from the email address linked to the account. You cannot have more than one account with an email address.


Etisalat Afghanistan in partnership with klinkMobile enable people living or traveling abroad to instantly recharge

mobile phone of family and friends back home through its retailers across USA, Canada and online

channel   via credit card and PayPal


You can recharge credit online on by using credit/visa cards, or you can purchase credit from

any Tranglo sales points overseas.

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